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The Best Health Expo was designed to spotlight OKC’s wide variety of local health and wellness businesses, along with scheduled classes taught by experts in their fields. Our mission is to educate the public on the myriad natural and alternative health and fitness options available locally and to promote healthy living. Expo guests will learn new ways to support and improve their health, fitness and well being.

Best Health Expo will feature classes, workshops and vendors totally focused on BEST health and wellness. It is an extensive event focused on educating the public on up-to-date innovations and practices in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Our exhibitors include float balance, fitness, acupuncture, CBD and medical cannabis, holistic healing practitioners, naturopaths, health coaches, natural foods and more.

A great many people are interested in learning new ways to stay healthy, overcome stress, manage pain or discomfort, and more. They seek natural and alternative ways to achieve these goals.

We are absolutely committed to delivering maximum value to our vendors, sponsors, and attendees at the Best Health Expo. We take this responsibility seriously. We seek to offer an experience that benefits and profits all who participate and we are truly passionate about offering you this opportunity to share the great, long-term advantages to maintaining optimal health, and of connecting clients with our wonderful local health businesses. This is a total Win-Win!

Those who seek alternative health practices will find themselves richly informed by attending the Best Health Expo. They will take away valid information which will enable them to make confident decisions about their health and the health of their families.

The 2020 Best Health Expo is about HEALTH. Health involves clients, practitioners, providers and health businesses — and since Best Health Expo is a high-visibility event we see this as a singular opportunity to show our community the importance of the natural health industry and its impact on our local economy.

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Best Health Expo Vendors

It is a very challenging time for all, as we balance the safety and social responsibilities of our business for you as our Vendors and our team members. Our current circumstances only call for adaptability – agility – strength and UNITY!

A very serious and scary situation that we are ALL in together – YES! Our Leadership team is working diligently on the best ways to SERVE our Vendors. Our team is AMAZING, our Vendors are AMAZING, and we will get through this together!

“Let’s unplug 2020…wait 10 seconds…and plug back in.” But, this is our reality. We must choose to unite – preserve our health – give and support each other.

This decision has not come lightly as we have had cancel our expo and make some decisions to address the coronavirus. For your benefit we invested and utilize funds to work out deals to secure a spot and services for our future event.

While we must postpone and reschedule the May 9th and 10th Best Health Expo we are giving upgrades to help alleviate the impact of businesses during these times,
For all our tier one vendor spaces we will offer a tier two upgrade which will increase the exposure of your business and services.

Tier two vendors will receive a level one sponsorship package. Sponsors will have the opportunity to upgrade to the next level of services.

If you are not able to participate on the dates to be determined, we will display your banner (not larger than a 4×6) and flier on designated table. We will also cross market your business across our social media platforms.

We will be adding some new and exciting things that will increase the value of being a part of Best Health Expo. We thank you for your continued support.

Stay up to date by checking our Facebook page @besthealthexpo and website at www.besthealthexpo.com.